25 thoughts on “Duck Dynasty- Jase Robertson vs. The Homeowners Association

  1. CallaLily2818

    … This is exactly what my family would be like if we lived in Louisiana instead of the Pacific Northwest.

  2. JJD5150

    When Phil says Amen and That’s Right I and Miss Kay says I brought a casserole I just bustin out laughing jack!

  3. Jill Richardson

    I am borrowing this speech for tonight City Council Meeting, I was busted by the “Chicken Cops” in my small rural Idaho town of Melba also.

  4. bbruce995

    the united states of America, is a privately owned foreign corporation, not a country…do you know your rights, you don’t have to pay tax, you don’t have to have a license to drive, you don’t have to pay property tax.. do you want to learn more…?… dean Clifford dot info… dean Clifford you tube

  5. Clyde Day

    Homeowners associations are the devil. no one is going to tell me how I can, or can’t do with property I bought with my money.

  6. John Wayne

    Amen….what a jerk officiating this event..I love they way Jase went to the FRONT of the room when the jerk told him to make comments from his seat….I would have moved that day.

  7. JPPT1974

    He did sign the contract true! Felt bad for Missy though! Those people really don’t know what a sense of humor is now do they?!

  8. MildredDavisLloyd

    “Good Morning, West Monroe” from season 2! :) This whole scene cracks me up every time I watch it! LOVE Jase!!!!


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